Friday, April 9, 2010

Tips for Classification

One of unique characteristics of GazoPa Bloom is a system of classification. Our classification relies on the wisdom of crowds.

If users are owner of pictures, they can set classification of these pictures by themselves. When users are not owners of pictures, they can guess what classifications are. But only one guess is not enough for determining classification of these unclassified flowers. When three guesses are accumulated, this will be set as classification of these flowers finally.

This system decreases possibility for flowers of having been misclassified. It mat be a sluggish process for flower specialists. But since we regard our service as a flower photo community, we design our site to utilize the wisdom of crowds.

So, even though your guess of classification would not be set as classification immediately, please do not think that we don't respect your guess. Please ask other users to join guess work together with you for completing set of classification.

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