Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accuracy of Bloom's Image Search

We got a feedback that stated our image search at Bloom is not as accurate as that at You can try our image search by upload your flower image or just click any images on Bloom, so it's easy to see how it works. I have to admit that "Yes, you are right. Our image search at Bloom seems not as accurate as that of".

In fact, our image search engine at Bloom is same with that at Why is there difference between these results? It's due to quantity of data. has more than 60 million image data and not a few flower photos are included in it. On the other hand, GazoPa Bloom has a couple of thousand flower photos that come from flickr and our users. Bloom's size of database is less than one percent of's, although all of's data are not flower photos.

Accuracy of image search relies on size of database, so we can say 'The more data we have, the better results we can return.' The growth of Bloom's database relies on users' photo registration, so it could be said the more photos users register, the better results Bloom can return.

I wish our users be patient. I hope our users help our image search at Bloom work better.

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