Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Map Feature

We released new map feature during Web2.0 Expo in San Francisco. It enables users to map flower photos and see where these flowers can be seen.

When we see beautiful flower photos, what we'd like to know at first is what flower it is and where flower can be seen. This map feature shows location of flower and it's wonderful to know where flower blooms even though there's little chance to visit the place.

These map feature is full of possibility. If these can be filtered by time, this enables users to see when these flowers bloom. If you know place and time of bloom, it helps you arrange your travel itinerary.

Here's the way to use this map feature.
If your photo has location information, your photo will be mapped automatically when you register it. If your photo has no location information, open your flower page. Click edit at 'This bloom lives here' and move a red marker to the place where your flower blooms. If you can map the marker correctly, click set and your bloom is marked on the map.